Compagnie François Mauduit

An artistic adventure that began almost 25 years ago.... The first troupe set up by François Mauduit dates from 1999 and was initially made up of amateurs.

In 2002, the first summer tours were organized on the Normandy coast.

It was during the 2004 tour that the troupe mainly included professionals from various international companies.

In 2006, the troupe took the name Compagnie Chorégraphique François Mauduit and established itself professionally. Made up of dancers, trained in the best schools (Paris Opera, National Conservatories) and all from the largest international companies, the Company has set itself the objective of offering the public a varied repertoire combining the great classical tradition with latest contemporary creations, in order to open dance to as many people as possible, with shows of high technical and artistic quality. François Mauduit, a former student of the Paris Opera Ballet school, is a passionate choreographer and dancer. Strongly marked by his time with Maurice Béjart, he embodies the project of this Company and deploys his inexhaustible energy, his talent and his creativity to win the challenge of bringing a neo-classical dance company to life in France.

Since September 2006, the Company danced more than 800 hundred times in France and abroad. 
In total, there are more than 300,000 spectators who have attended the Company's various shows since its creation. The last creation of the company "DANS LES YEUX D'AUDREY" was for CHAMPS ELYSÉES  Paris Theater.