Composing Competition

One of special items in the agenda of the International Music Festival “Sopot Classic” is the Krzysztof Penderecki Composers Competition. The competition is held every two years and the idea of a contest for young composers was supported by Professor Krzysztof Penderecki.


This is an event that arouses a great interest and commotion in the environment of composers and was initiated by the management of the Polish Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra of Sopot.


Compositions are appraised by a jury appointed by the Organiser of the Competition. In previous editions, the jury was made of: Professor Krzysztof Meyer, Professor Stanisław Moryto, Tadeusz Wielecki, Mikołaj Górecki, Professor Krzysztof Olczak, Professor Marian Borkowski, Professor Eugeniusz Knapik, Dr Daniel Cichy, Professor Paweł Łukaszewski.


In the full confidence that newly composed music must be spread more widely and young talents must be supported, we create a space for debuting composers. The competition is an opportunity to have their artistic work sound during one of concerts and be presented to a large group of recipients.


2023 / EDITION 7


Award 1: Not granted 

Award 2: Sangjun Lee for JWIBULNORI for 19 Strings

Award 3: Michał Ziółkowski for DESCENT for strings


2021 / EDITION 6

Award 1: Krystian Neścior for L’ENTOURAGE DE SILENCE per archi

Award 2: Andrzej Marcin Ojczenasz for BLOCK’N’CHAINS for string orchestra

Award 3 ex aequo:
 Szarowicz Michał Tomasz for ę CIRCLES for string orchestra, 
Chmielewska Aleksandra for OBSESSION for string orchestra

2019 / EDITION 5

Award 1: Andrzej Ojczenasz for Tech-uniques

Award 2: Krystian Neścior for Nello sfondo Della Vita…

Award 3: Klaudia Rabiega for “Muzyka na 16 instrumentów smyczkowych” (Music for 16 string instruments)