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RAGTIME Masecki/Rogiewicz

RAGTIME Masecki/Rogiewicz

Marcin Masecki is one of Polands most fascinating musicians. He is equally engaged in classical music as well as jazz and his virtuosic fusion of different styles has become his hallmark.

When he was 8 years old his parents took him to Disneyland. His attention was drawn not to the many rollercoasters and ghost houses but to a pianist playing ragtime in a western bar. Masecki was glued to the scene. Upon returning home he started playing for hours, pretending to be the pianist. And thus his love for the instrument was born. He started taking lessons and quickly developed an interest in many areas of pianism, from Bach to Keith Jarrett. Still, his love of ragtime never faded.

As a professional musician he didn’t play ragtime publicly, only in informal gatherings with friends. Until one day one of those friends convinced him that it is in this music that he is most authentic and that he should release an album without hesitation. And so in 2018 Masecki invited long time collaborator, drummer Jerzy Rogiewicz, into the studio and together they recorded some tunes of their beloved style. Their version is not orthodox though. It is a modern take on a historic style, an updated and highly subjective look at one of the foundations of modern pop music.