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Final Concert

Final Concert



Vivaldi contra Piazzolla


Antonio Vivaldi – The Four Seasons / Le Quattro Stagioni:

                                      Spring / La Primavera

                                      Summer / L’Estate

                                      Autumn / L’Autunno

                                      Winter / L’Inverno


Astor Piazzolla – The Four Seasons / Las 4 Estaciones Porteñas

                                      Summer / Verano Porteno

                                      Autumn / Otono Porteno

                                      Winter / Invierno Porteno

                                      Spring / Primavera Porteña

"The Four Seasons" are some of the most famous themes in the history of music, compositions recognizable so easily, that all it takes to identify them is the very first set of sounds. Under the banner of “Vivaldi contra Piazzolla” an exceptional outdoor concert will take place, with the sound of the sea and sun-warmed August beach laying the groundwork for the spectactle of live music emotions. The audience will get a unique opportunity to confront two cycles of “Four Seasons” thanks to interpretation of two magnificent, if extremely different composers, the Italian Antonio Vivaldi and Argentinian virtuoso of tango, one of a kind Astora Piazzolli. The cycle of the Argentinian composer is 250 years younger than the piece of work by the Italian master, and what is interesting, is the fact that a keen ear will effortlessly spot a lot of analogies to the oeuvre of the Italian.