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Film Music Concert

Film Music Concert



Music composed by Jan A.P. Kaczmarek to the following films:


Interlude City Of A Dead Woman [2016] dir. Angela Ismailos

Anna Karenina [2013] music based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy

Passchendaele [2008] dir. Paul Gross

Evening [2007] dir. Lajos Koltai

The Visitor [2007] dir. Tom McCarthy

Karamazovi [2008] dir. Petr Zelenka

Hachiko [2009] dir. Lasse Hallstrom

War & Peace [2007] TV series / dir. Robert Dornhelm

Unfaithful [2002] dir. Adrian Lyne

Finding Neverland [2004] dir. Marc Foster


Jankiel’s Concert for dulcimer and orchestra

The special guest of the Friday Film Music Concert is widely acclaimed and admired for his work. He records albums for the world’s most important labels, with Sony Classical, Decca and Varèse Sarabande posing as their epitomes. It is our great pleasure to announce that Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, author of music to more than 50 feature films, documentaries and theatre plays, who was rewarded with the highly coveted Oscar for “Finding Neverland” (dir. Mark Forster) back in 2005, will honour us with his visit. The pieces he composed for the Hollywood productions earned him BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations, while American National Board of Review acknowledged his work by granting him the best composer title. Thus, the Film Music Concert will serve not only as a unique opportunity to experience the pieces from the most wonderful Hollywood productions, but also very much a chance to establish direct interaction with world-class exquisiteness.